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Wilmore Male, Jr
12th Virginia Infantry

Wilmore Male, Jr enlisted in the 12th Virginia Regiment in late 1776 or early 1777 and remained in service until the end of the Revolutionary War. The 12th Virginia participated in some of the most famous battles of the War, including Brandywine, Monmouth and Stony Point. A large portion of the 12th was ultimately captured by the British in 1780, but no records have been located to confirm whether Wilmore was included in this group. His account of his service when applying for his pension makes no mention of being a prisoner of war.

Wilmore applied for and received invalid pension #2522 in 1818 due to advancing age and rheumatism. Captain Robert White, who was a Lieutenant with the 12th during the war, personally appeared to vouch for Wilmore's service during his application process.